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Guppy Bluetooth tag, IP67, 5 years+

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Product Details

The Guppy is an ultra-rugged battery-powered Bluetooth® tag with up to 5 years of battery life for affordable indoor and outdoor asset monitoring.

– Bluetooth® 5.0 for sending asset data to Gateways
– Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
– Weatherproof and ultra-rugged IP67 Housing with compact and ergonomic design

Non-Powered Assets

Bluetooth Tags are perfect for tracking tools, small equipment, pallets, or any mid-sized non-powered asset where a larger (and expensive) device does not make commercial sense.

Asset Management Across Sites

Keep track of valuable assets, equipment, and inventory as it moves across multiple warehouses or work-sites.

Sensor Monitoring

Place Bluetooth sensors in environmentally-sensitive locations, such as freezers, refrigerated trucks, storerooms, and more for regular sensor monitoring readings and alerts.


Improve and optimize agricultural operations by wirelessly measuring rainfall, soil moisture, humidity, temperature, water and fuel tank levels, and more.

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